Cherry Blossom Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Cherry Blossom step by step

Cherry Blossom Drawing

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1. Instructions for drawing simple and beautiful cherry blossom branches for kids


Today, will show you how ti draw a simple cherry blossom

How to draw cherry blossom

Let’s start!

Step 1:

Start by drawing a single flower

Step 2:

Draw a second flower, part of which is hidden by the first one

Step 3:

Draw a third flower on top of the others

Step 4:

Similarly, draw the fourth flower

Step 5:

Next, you will start connecting the flowers to a cherry branch using straight lines

Step 6:

Extend a short branch between the top flowers using two curved “S.” Connect the lines using a short curved line.

Step 7:

Please draw more subtle details for the branch

Step 8:

Using some curves, enclose the shape of the flower bud. Enclosed is an unusual teardrop shape underneath the flower, showing a falling petal

Step 9:

Draw a small circle in each flower. Extend six short, curved lines from each and end each with another small circle. This represents the anther and the stamen.

Step 10:

Finally, remember to color the picture

2. Simple cherry blossom drawing instructions

Step 1: Draw a long branch

Step 2: Draw a few more small branches

Step 3: Next we draw flowers on the branches

Step 4: What color to fill

Hopefully, the above drawing guide to draw cherry blossom branches will help you have a beautiful cherry blossom picture.