Christmas Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Christmas step by step

Christmas Drawing

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1. How to draw a Christmas candy

Today will show you how to draw on the theme of Christmas!

Step 1: First, draw the candy bar

Step 2: Decorate the candy with a bow

Step 3: Draw more leaves around the bow

Step 4: Draw more spiral borders around the candy

Step 5: Don’t forget to color your Christmas candy.

2. Instructions for drawing a wall-mounted Christmas wreath

Step 1: First, draw a big bow

Step 2: Draw a circle wreath

Step 3: Decorate the wreath

Step 4: Draw a few more light bulbs around the wreath

Step 5: Decorate the bow and ribbon

Step 6: Let’s color the picture

3. Instructions for drawing Santa Claus on Christmas Eve

Step 1: First draw a circle representing the window

Step 2: Let’s draw Santa’s face

Step 3: Draw more headgear for him

Step 4: Come and draw your eyes, nose and mouth for Santa Claus.

Step 5: Don’t forget to draw a beard

Step 6: Draw two hands clinging to the window

Step 7: Draw the shoulders for Santa Claus again

Step 8: Draw the mountain behind Santa’s back and the snow clinging to the window

Step 9: Color to complete the picture

4. Instructions for drawing a beautiful Christmas picture

Step 1: First, draw Santa’s hat

Step 2: Draw a beard for Santa Claus

Step 3: Draw a face for Santa Claus

Step 4: Draw Santa’s body

Step 5: Draw another belt

Step 6: Draw 2 more arms

Step 7: Draw the banner and the words MERRY CHRISTMAS

Step 8: Paint the decoration with two branches on the sides

Step 9: Draw decorative shadows around

Step 10: Color the picture better

5. Instruction on how to draw a simple christmas tree for kids

How to draw Christmas tree

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you draw the base for the pine tree and a vertical shaft

Step 2:

Next, you draw a triangle on the top of the axis

Step 3:

Next, you draw a larger triangle that overlaps the already drawn triangle

Step 4:

Next, you draw an even larger triangle that overlaps the 2nd triangle

Step 5:

Draw curved lines at the bottom of each triangle

Step 6:

Draw a shape larger than the 3rd triangle

Step 7:

You draw your Christmas tree a little star on top of the tree

Step 8:

Please edit the Christmas tree to become more natural and beautiful

Step 9:

Finally, don’t forget to color your picture

6. Instructions for drawing a snowman during the Christmas holidays

Step 1: First, draw a circular head for the snowman

Step 2: Draw more eyes, mouth and nose made of carrots

Step 3: Draw more Christmas hats that the snowman is wearing

Step 4: Don’t forget to draw a scarf

Step 5: Draw a circle for the snowman’s body

Step 6: Draw 2 more hands for the snowman

Step 7: Decorate the snowman with buttons

Step 8: Draw the snowbank under the snowman

Step 9: Let’s color the snowman

7. Instructions for drawing a reindeer during the Christmas holidays

Step 1: First, draw a half circle representing the head

Step 2: Next , draw the eyes and nose of this reindeer

Step 3: Draw the hat that chsu reindeer are wearing on their heads

Step 4: Indispensable are the horns on the reindeer’s head

Step 5: Draw more ears on the sides

Step 6: Draw your dog a scarf

Step 7: Draw a picture of a reindeer

Step 8: Don’t forget to draw the tail

Step 9: Draw the bell hanging in front of the reindeer’s neck

Step 10: Color the reindeer to complete the picture

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Hopefully, through Christmas drawing tutorial article will help you get a beautiful picture!