Crocodile Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Crocodile step by step

Crocodile Drawing

You can choose your favorite images to see detail drawing instructions:

1. Simple crocodile drawing instructions


Today, will teach you how to draw Simple Crocodile

Step 1: draw the body for the Crocodile. similar to a banana.

Step 2: draw for alligator legs too

Step 3: next is to draw more eyes, nose and mouth

Step 4: Finally add the little details for you crocodile is complete

2. Instructions for drawing a baby Crocodile:

Step 1: first draw the eyes of any Crocodile baby.

Step 2: next draw the head for the crocodile.

Step 3: next is to draw the body with two hands.

Step 4: further drawing for the crocodile 2 hind legs.

Step 5: finally, don’t forget to draw the tail. So we’re done.

3. Instructions for drawing a cute Crocodile

Step 1: draw the head for the crocodile as shown

Step 2: draw more eyes and teeth

Step 3: next is which body to draw

Step 4: draw more legs for crocodiles

Step 5: add a few small details to complete the picture

4. How to draw a smart crocodile for kids

Step1: First, let’s draw the crocodile glasses

Step 2: Draw a face for the crocodile

Step 3: Draw 2 more eyes

Step 4: Next let’s draw the nose for the crocodile

Step 5: Draw more mouth

Step 6: Draw the belly according to the instructions below

Step 7: Next will draw 2 more hands

Step 8: Draw the book the crocodile is holding

Step 9: Let’s draw more legs

Step 10: indispensable is the tail

Step 11: Decorate on the belly to make the crocodile more beautiful

Step 12: Don’t forget to color

5. Instructions for drawing a funny crocodile

Step 1: First let’s draw the eyes for the crocodile

Step 2: Next, draw a face with a long snout

Step 3: Indispensable are teeth with many sharp teeth

Step 4: Draw more arrows

Step 5: Let’s draw the crocodile body

Step 6: Draw more arms and legs

Step 7: Continue to draw the tail for the crocodile

Step 8: Draw the fin on the back like the picture below

Step 9: Decorate the belly with horizontal lines

Step 10: Let’s color the picture beautifully