Crow Drawing

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Instructions on how to draw a simple crow for kids


Today, will show you how to draw a simple crow

How to draw a crow

Let’s start!

Step 1:

You draw an oval to make the crow’s head

Step 2:

You draw another, larger oval that connects to the first oval to make the crow’s body

Step 3:

Connect the two ovals with two slightly curved lines to form the neck

Step 4:

You draw two lines outlining the crow’s tail

Step 5:

Draw wings for crows

Step 6:

Next, add some feather details. Do this by creating jagged lines on the left side of the left neck line, at the bottom of the large oval, and connecting the two tail lines.

Step 7:

You draw crow feathers as shown

Step 8:

Draw the feet by starting with a wavy line underneath the feet

Step 9:

You draw the other leg of the crow

Step 10:

Next, you draw the beak for the crow

Step 11:

Add jagged lines of feather detail to the stomach, upper legs, shoulders, face, and beak. Low leg construction with small horizontal lines

Step 12:

Use stroked curves to add feather texture to the upper wings.

Step 13:

Continue adding the curled fur texture.

Step 14

Use five curved lines extending from the right wing to form the crow’s feathers.

Step 15:

Draw three sets of curved parallel lines to texture the upper wing.

Step 16:

Finally, draw more eyes for the crow

Step 17:

Don’t forget to color your crow

Hopefully, through the article on how to draw a simple crow, it will help you gét a beautiful picture of a crow!