Dinosaur Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Dinosaur step by step

Dinosaur Drawing

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1. Simple dinosaur drawing tutorial for kids


Today drawing123.com will guide you to draw a simple and beautiful dinosaur!

How to draw dinosaur

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First you draw an oval for the body of the dinosaur.

Step 2:

Next, you draw the tail for the dinosaur.

Step 3:

You draw the head for the dinosaur.

Step 4:

You draw the mouth for the dinosaur.

Step 5:

Please edit and connect the parts together.

Step 6:

You draw the dinosaur’s legs.

Step 7:

You draw the paws for the dinosaur.

Step 8:

You draw two front limbs for the dinosaur.

Step 9:

You draw the dinosaur’s teeth.

Step 10:

You add eyes and nose for the dinosaur.

Step 11:

Draw stripes on the dinosaur’s back.

Step 12:

You use eraser / eraser to erase the excess lines.

Step 13:

Finally, please color the dinosaur more beautiful.

2. Instructions for drawing a dinosaur for kids

Step 1: Let’s first draw the eyes of the dinosaurs first.

Step 2: next is to draw the head border for her

Step 3: then draw your teeth and nostrils

Step 4: followed by drawing the body, imagine it like a banana.

Step 5: then draw the back two limbs

Step 6: draw the previous two limbs again.

Step 7: finally add the fins on the back for the dinosaur.

3. Dinosaur Drawing Guide for children

Step 1: First, let’s draw the shape of the head first

Step 2: followed by drawing more eyes and nostrils

Step 3: then draw teeth

Step 4: then you draw the body with two curves as shown

Step 5: next, draw the following two limbs for dinosaurs

Step 6: then draw the front limbs and the abdominal border

Step 7: finally add a pattern on the back for the dinosaur to liven up and it’s done.

4. Instructions for drawing a funny dinosaur

Step 1: Draw a dinosaur’s head

Step 2: Come, draw your eyes

Step 3: Draw more noses for the dinosaur

Step 4: Draw the dinosaur’s big mouth

Step 5: Don’t forget to draw its sharp teeth

Step 6: Draw the neck

Step 7: Draw the body of the dinosaur again

Step 8: Indispensable is a long tail of dinosaurs

Step 9: Draw your dinosaur’s arms and legs following the steps below

Step 10: Draw the dinosaur a set of sharp claws

Step 11: Draw some more details on the back and belly for this dinosaur

Step 12: Let’s color the picture

5. A drawing of a long-necked dinosaur

Step 1: First, draw a half circle representing the back of the dinosaur.

Step 2: Indispensable is the long neck

Step 3: Next, draw an equally long tail

Step 4: Draw the legs for the dinosaur

Step 5: Don’t forget to draw a head for the dinosaur

Step 6: Draw your eyes

Step 7: Draw a long muzzle

Step 8: Don’t forget to draw the dinosaur’s nose.

Step 9: Draw more details on the dinosaur’s neck and belly

Step 10: Color any picture

6. Instructions for drawing a horned slab dinosaur

Step 1: Draw a head for the dinosaur

Step 2: Draw more eyes and mouth

Step 3: Draw the back of this dinosaur

Step 4: Indispensable are the horns on the back of the dinosaur

Step 5: Draw the belly for the dinosaur

Step 6: Draw the tail like the picture below

Step 7: Draw more tiny thorns in the tail

Step 8: Draw a 4-legged dinosaur

Step 9: Don’t forget to draw toenails for dinosaurs

Step 10: Draw small details on the dinosaur’s back and belly

Step 11: Color this dinosaur

Hopefully through drawing123.com tutorial on how to draw a dinosaur for kids, it will help the little ones get a nice dinosaur drawing!