Doraemon Drawing

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Instructions on how to draw doraemon simple and lovely for kids


Today, will show you how to draw Doraemon simple and lovely!

How to draw doraemon

Let’s start!

First, you draw circles to make eyes and nose for Doraemon.

Next, you draw curves to make the head for Doraemon.

You draw Doraemon mouth smiling brightly.

Next, you draw a necklace with a bell for Doraemon according to the instructions of each picture.

You draw two curved lines to make the body for Doraemon.

Next, draw Doraemon’s legs!

Then you draw Doraemon’s hands.

Don’t forget to draw Doraemon’s magic bag.

Finally, you draw Doraemon’s tail, eyes and beard.

So you have completed the drawing of Doraemon already!


Hopefully through the article on how to draw Doraemon simple and lovely will help you get a beautiful picture of Doraemon!