Gumball Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Gumball step by step

Gumball Drawing

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Simple Gumball Drawing Tutorial (Animated Magical World of Gumball)


Today will show you how to draw Gumball simply in the animated movie The Magical World of Gumball!

How to draw Gumball

Let’s start!

Part I. Simple drawing of Gumball character

First, you draw a circle to make Gumball’s head.

Next, draw two curved lines to make Gumball’s ears.

You draw two lines to make Gumball’s body.

You continue to draw Gumball’s hands according to the instructions of each photo.

Then you draw Gumball’s belly.

Next, draw the legs for Gumball.

Don’t forget to add small details to Gumball’s clothes.

Finally, you draw more eyes, nose, mouth and beard for Gumball.

Part II. Complete

You use eraser / eraser to erase the excess lines and complete the Gumball drawing!

Hopefully, through the article on how to draw Gumball simply in the cartoon The Magical World of Gumball will help you get a beautiful Gumball drawing!