Hamster Mouse Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Hamster Mouse step by step

Hamster Mouse Drawing

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1. Super easy and cute hamster mouse drawing tutorial for babies


Today, drawing123.com will show you how to draw a super easy and cute hamster mouse!

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How to draw hamster mouse

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you draw a circle.

Step 2:

You draw a small circle to the left of the circle drawn in step 1.

Step 3:

You draw another small circle on the right.

Step 4:

Use the eraser to erase the excess inside, you will get the head and body of the hamster mouse. Then you draw two ears of the mouse.

Step 5:

You draw two hands for the hamster mouse.

Step 6:

When you’re done with the hand, draw two legs for the hamster mouse.

Step 7:

You draw two more eyes, nose and mouth for the hamster mouse.

Step 8:

Finally, don’t forget to color the hamster hamster mouse.


2. A Hamster mouse Drawing Guide for kids

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you draw a circle

Step 2:

Next, you draw the ears

Step 3:

Don’t forget to draw eyes, nose and mouth for the mouse

Step 4:

Next, you draw a sketch of the mouse’s body

Step 5:

Next, you draw the legs

Step 6:

Use an eraser to erase the excess lines

Step 7:

Please draw more details on the body of the mouse

Step 8:

Next, you draw a small piece of cake

Step 9:

Finally, color the picture to make it look better

3. A Super Cute Hamster Drawing Instruction

Step 1: Let’s first draw the head for the hamster

Step 2: Next let’s draw two ears for it

Step 3: Draw glittering eyes

Step 4: Next is to draw the nose and mouth

Step 5: Indispensable 1 beard

Step 6: We continue to draw the body

Step 7: Add a small hand section

Step 8: And the leg is also small

Step 9: Draw a few more small details for any Hamster

Step 10: Which color to fill together

4. Instructions for drawing a funny Hamster

Step 1: First we draw big and round eyes

Step 2: Draw more nose and mouth

Step 3: Draw more beards

Step 4: indispensable 2 hands are posing

Step 5: Draw the body with shaggy fur

Step 6: Draw 2 round ears on the mouse’s head

Step 7: Finally, coloring to complete the picture

5. How to draw a gluttonous Hamster step by step

Step 1: First we draw the head and body

Step 2: Next we draw the ears for the mouse

Step 3: Draw big round eyes

Step 4: Next draw more nose

Step 5: Add chubby cheeks and mouth

Step 6: Draw more beards

Step 7: Draw 2 hands holding food

Step 8: Draw more legs

Step 9: Let’s color to complete which picture

6. Drawing Guide for a Hamster with a hat

Step 1: Let’s first draw the eyes for the mouse

Step 2: Add a nose and a mouth with long teeth

Step 3: Next we draw the first part

Step 4: Add 2 ears

Step 5: Draw 2 short hands

Step 6: Draw more fat thighs for the mouse

Step 7: Short legs are indispensable

Step 8: draw more tails also short notes

Step 9: indispensable is the hat and the star stick

Step 10: Color the mouse

Hopefully, through drawing123.com article how to draw a easy and cute hamster mouse will help you get a beautiful hamster picture!