Lightning Mcqueen Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Lightning Mcqueen step by step

Lightning Mcqueen Drawing

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1. How to draw a Lightning Mcqueen car for babies


Today, will show you how to draw Lightning Mcqueen

Step 1: Draw the head of the car

Step 2: Draw the roof of the car

Step 3: Draw the body and rear of the car

Step 4: Draw more wheels for Lightning Mcqueen

Step 5: Draw Lightning Mcqueen’s Wind Tail

Step 6: Let’s draw the glass door for Lightning Mcqueen

Step 7: Draw your eyes on the glass door

Step 8: Draw Lightning Mcqueen’s Smiling Mouth

Step 9: Draw two lights on either side of the car

Step 10: Decorate the car according to the steps below

Step 11: Paint to make the picture more beautiful

Hopefully, through the tutorial on how to draw a Lightning Mcqueen in detailed step by step, it will help you complete the picture beautifully