Lily Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Lily step by step

Lily Drawing

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1. Instructions on how to draw a simple Lily for kids


Today, will show you how to draw a simple Lily

How to draw Lily

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you sketch the flower

Step 2:

From those petals draw wide petals

Step 3:

Similarly, you draw all the remaining wings

Step 4:

You erase the petals you drew at first

Step 5:

Finish the petals, next draw the stamens for the flower

Step 6:

Next, you draw lines on the petals

Step 7:

Next, you draw the body of the flower

Step 8:

Next is to draw the flower and the leaf

Step 9:

Similarly draw a leaf for the flower

Step 10:

Draw more spots on the petals for a better look

Step 11:

Finally, color your picture

Hopefully, this simple tutorial on drawing Lily flower for kids will help you have a beautiful painting step