Lion Drawing

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Instructions on how to draw a simple Lion for kids


Today, will show you how to draw a simple Lion

How to draw Lion

Let’s start!

Step 1:

Start, you draw a small circle.

Step 2:

You draw extending a slightly curved, rectangular shape from the circle.

Step 3:

You draw a series of curved lines to detail the snout, nose, and mouth of the lion in the rectangle.

Step 4:

You draw two small, curved lines in the circle to form the ears

Step 5:

You draw a series of curved lines below the ears, meeting at jagged points

Step 6:

You draw the mane extending above the ears using curved lines of varying lengths that join at jagged points.

Step 7:

You draw extending a series of curves from the top of the mane to the bottom

Step 8:

You draw a circle that overlaps the mane. Draw a second circle to the right of the first circle

Step 9:

You connect the vertices of the circles with two curves

Step 10:

Draw the front legs

Step 11:

You draw the lion’s hind legs

Step 12:

You draw a pin at the end of each set of leglines. To close the legs, draw one or two curved lines at the end of each set of lines

Step 13:

You draw the tail using two long “U” shaped curves.

Step 14:

Next you draw the eyes, nose and beard for the lion

Step 15:

Please draw some details to complete the lion

Step 16:

Finally, don’t forget to color your picture

Hope the article on how to draw a simple lion for kids will help you easily have a beautiful lion drawing!