Lord Jesus Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Lord Jesus step by step

Lord Jesus Drawing

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1. Instructions on how to draw Lord Jesus for kids


Today, drawing123.com will teach you how to draw Lord Jesus beautifully and simply

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, draw your face

Step 2:

Next, draw your hair

Step 3:

Please draw your hands

Step 4:

Draw a shirt step by step

Step 5:

Next, you draw an arc on jesus’ head

Step 6:

So finished the picture

2. Guide to drawing Jesus

Step 1 : First, paint his gentle face.

Step 2: Draw more beards and hair for people

Step 3: Draw the costume you are wearing following these steps

Step 4: Draw Your Hands

Step 5: And this is our achievement

3. Easy drawing guide: Jesus

Step 1 : First, paint his face.

Step 2: Draw your long hair

Step 3: Draw the outfit you’re wearing

Step 4: Add your hands holding the sheep

Step 5: Draw more sheep

Step 6: Draw the stick that god is carrying in him

Step 7: Draw the aura behind you

Step 8: Color it to make the picture more beautiful

4. How to draw Jesus step by step

Step 1 : First, paint his face.

Step 2: Draw more ears on either side

Step 3: Draw his long hair

Step 4: Draw the tunic that jesus is wearing.

Step 5: Draw your hands and feet

Step 6: Draw a few pieces around your body

Step 7: Draw more eyes, nose and mouth for him

Step 8: Fill in color to complete the picture

5. Jesus drawing tutorial

Step 1 : First, draw his long, curly hair.

Step 2: Paint your blessed face

Step 3: Don’t forget to draw a beard

Step 4: Draw the outfit you are wearing following these steps

Step 5: Draw Your Hands

Step 6: Draw more of his feet and sandals

Step 7: Please color the picture

6. Instructions for drawing Jesus

Step 1: Draw his head

Step 2: Draw your hair and beard

Step 3: Draw his face

Step 4: Draw the thin shirt you’re wearing.

Step 5: Draw more of the cloth you’re wearing.

Step 6: Don’t forget to draw your hands

Step 7: Indispensable is the stick that you are holding in your hand.

Step 8: Draw the aura behind him

Step 9: Draw the lines on his shirt

Step 10: Color the picture

Hopefully, through the tutorial on how to draw Jesus simply and beautifully for your baby, it will help you complete the picture meaningfully.