Minion Drawing Tutorial - How to draw a Minion step by step

Minion Drawing

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1. Instruction on how to draw simple and funny minion for children


Today will show you how to draw a simple and funny Minion!

How to draw minion

Let’s start!

Part I. Simple drawing Minion

First, you draw the head and body of the Minion first.

Next, you draw glasses for Minion.

You draw two large and small circles to make eyes for Minion.

Then you draw a curve to make a smiley mouth for Minion.

Don’t forget to draw Minion a bib (please see the instructions for each picture to make it easier to draw).

You draw hands for Minion and remember to draw with the glove.

Then you draw the legs for Minion.

Finally, draw Minion a nice pair of shoes.

Part II. Complete

You use eraser / eraser to erase the excess lines to complete the Minion painting!


You can also learn to draw Minion through our video:

2. How to draw a cute and simple 2-eyed Minion for kids

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you draw the Minion’s head and body

Step 2:

Next, you draw the hands

Step 3:

Please continue to draw the legs

Step 4:

Draw big round eyes and pretty mouth

Step 5:

Next, you draw big round glasses

Step 6:

Draw a bib for the minion

Step 7:

So we have finished the picture already!. Color the picture to make it more beautiful

You may also acquire the skill of drawing Minion by watching our instructional video:

3. Tutorial on how to draw a simple Minion for kids

Step 1:

First, draw an oval for the Minion head

Step 2:

Next, draw the body for Minion

Step 3:

Next, you draw the raised hands for Minion

Step 4:

Draw 3 fingers on each hand

Step 5:

Next, you draw Minion’s legs

Step 6:

Next, you draw a bib for Minion

Step 7:

On the bib is an additional pocket in front of Minion’s stomach

Step 8:

You draw a rectangle under Minion’s belly

Step 9:

Minion’s big round glasses are indispensable

Step 10:

Next, you draw the irises and smiling mouth for Minion

Step 11:

Don’t forget to draw eyes and teeth for Minion

Step 12:

Draw more glasses frames

Step 13:

Finally, don’t forget to color Minion

See our video how to draw Minion for details guide:

4. Instruction for drawing Minion Kevin

Step 1: draw circles as Kevin’s eyes and glasses for him.

Step 2: followed by drawing the head and mouth

Step 3: next is to draw him clothes

Step 4: draw your legs and arms again

Step 5: finally, don’t forget to draw the hair cap on your head for kevin

In addition, we offer a video tutorial that can assist you in learning how to draw Minion. By following along with our step-by-step instructions:

5. Instruction for drawing 1-Eyed Minion

Step 1: The first is to draw the minion’s eyes as a guide

Step 2: draw the head and the mouth to laugh

Step 3: then draw 2 minion hands

Step 4: draw the body and suit too

Step 5: Finally, draw a few hairlines for the 1-eye minion.

Learn to draw Minion through our instructional video:

6. Instruction for drawing minion dressed as a vampire

Step 1: Draw the eyeglasses for the minion

Step 2: Draw an eye in it

Step 3: draw the mouth with sharp teeth

Step 4: Draw the head for the minion

Step 5: Draw the collar to the sides

Step 6: Draw the outerwear

Step 7: Next we draw hands for the minion

Step 8: Draw legs for minions again

Step 9: Let’s color this minion

You can also learn to draw Minion through our video:

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Hopefully, through the article on how to draw a simple and funny Minion will help you get a beautiful Minion drawing!