Monster Drawing Tutorial - How to draw a Monster step by step

Monster Drawing

You can choose your favorite images to see detail drawing instructions:

1. How to draw a cute monster


Today, will show you how to draw monsters beautifully and simply

Step 1: Draw the monster’s head

Step 2: Draw two more horns

Step 3: Draw more monster’s hands

Step 4: Draw the monster’s big belly

Step 5: Don’t forget to draw the monster’s feet

Step 6: Indispensable is the tail

Step 7: Draw a cute monster face

Step 8: Draw the contours of his horns

Step 9: Let’s color the picture

2. Instructions for drawing an ugly monster

Step 1: First, draw 3 circles

Step 2: Draw smaller circles

Step 3: Draw eye circles for monsters

Step 4: Draw a peculiar nose

Step 5: Let’s draw the mouth following these steps

Step 6: Draw teeth for monsters

Step 7: Draw the strange body of the monster

Step 8: Draw more ears

Step 9: Draw more hands

Step 10: Draw the stick that the monster is holding

Step 11: Draw his leg

Step 12: Don’t forget to color him

3. Instructions for drawing a ferocious monster

Step 1 : First, draw the monster’s fur

Step 2: Draw a wide mouth

Step 3: Draw sharp teeth

Step 4: Draw a long tongue

Step 5: Draw more ferocious eyes

Step 6: Draw the head for it

Step 7: Draw the monster’s hands

Step 8: Draw your feet

Step 9: Draw the tail

Step 10: Color the monster

4. How to draw super strong monster

Step 1: Draw fierce eyes

Step 2: Draw the details close to the eye

Step 3: Draw the mouth of the monster

Step 4: Draw its head

Step 5: Draw muscular and strong hands

Step 6: Draw the monster’s body

Step 7: Draw feet for monsters

Step 8: Don’t forget to draw its long tail

Step 9: Draw more horns

Step 10: color the picture

5. Guide to draw one-eyed monster

Step 1: Draw the monster’s head

Step 2: Next is the mouth

Step 3: Draw a big, round eye

Step 4: Draw bristles for it

Step 5: Draw its horns

Step 6: Draw round and small ears

Step 7: Draw your hands

Step 8: Draw his body

Step 9: Don’t forget to draw your feet

Step 10: Draw more tails

Step 11: Color the picture to be more beautiful

6. Easy Drawing Guide: a pink monster

Step 1 : First, draw 3 circles that make up the eyes

Step 2: Draw a Mouth

Step 3: Draw the monster’s head

Step 4: Draw more ears

Step 5: Draw a hair cap for it

Step 6: Draw horns again

Step 7: Draw your hands

Step 8: Draw your feet

Step 9: Don’t forget to draw the tail for the monster

Step 10: Color the picture

Hopefully, through the tutorial on how to draw monsters simply for your baby, it will help you complete a meaningful picture.