Ninja Turtles Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Ninja Turtles step by step

Ninja Turtles Drawing

You can choose your favorite images to see detail drawing instructions:

1. Instructions for drawing ninja turtles (in the movie “Teenage Ninja Turtle Mutants”) for babies


Today, will show you how to draw ninja turtles

Step 1: Draw your head with a face covering

Step 2: Draw a belt and two belts

Step 3: Draw strong arms

Step 4: Draw the manhole and manhole cover

Step 5: Draw a turtle shell for him

Step 6: Draw Eyes and Mouth for Ninja Turtle

Step 7: Similar to the steps above, draw 3 more heads of the remaining 3 ninja turtles

Step 8: Draw more muscular arms

Step 9: Draw more turtle shells

Step 10: Don’t forget to draw the belts of the other 3 ninja turtles

Step 11: Draw legs for ninja turtles

Step 12: Draw more turtle shells behind a ninja turtle

Step 13: Draw the faces of all 3 ninja turtles

Step 11: Paint to make the picture more beautiful

Hopefully, a simple tutorial on how to draw Ninja Turtles will help you have a beautiful picture!