Octopus Drawing Tutorial - How to draw an Octopus step by step

Octopus Drawing

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1. Instructions on how to draw a simple and cute octopus for kids


Today, drawing123.com will teach you how to draw an octopus simple

How to draw Octopu

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you draw a circle

Step 2:

Next, you draw the octopus tentacle

Step 3:

You draw on the octopus tentacles adding more details

Step 4:

Draw big round eyes and mouth for the octopus

Step 5:

Finally don’t forget to color the octopus

2. How to draw an angry octopus

Step 1: Draw the octopus’s head

Step 2: Take turns drawing the tentacles according to the steps below

Step 3: Draw your uncle’s angry face

Step 4: Draw suction cups above the tentacles

Step 5: Draw bubbles that rise

Step 6: Coloring this octopus

3. Instructions for drawing a purple octopus

Step 1: Draw a circle

Step 2: Draw two more eyes under that circle

Step 3: Draw more tentacles around

Step 4: Draw this octopus with suction cups on the tentacles

Step 5: Don’t forget to color the picture

4. How to draw an octopus as a chef

Step 1: First, draw the octopus’s head

Step 2: Draw more towels on its head

Step 3 : Next, draw the smiling face of the octopus

Step 4: Draw the octopus’s monks following these steps

Step 5: Draw kitchen utensils and octopus dishes

Step 6: Fill in the color to make the picture more beautiful

5. A simple guide to drawing an octopus

Step 1: Draw the octopus’s head

Step 2: Draw the tentacles following the steps below

Step 3: Draw more octopus suckers

Step 4: Draw an octopus a face

Step 5: Don’t forget to color this octopus

6. Instructions for drawing a giant octopus

Step 1: Draw the octopus’s head

Step 2: Next, draw the strange face of this animal.

Step 3: Draw giant tentacles

Step 4: Draw the suckers of this octopus

Step 5: Let’s color this picture

Hopefully, through the tutorial on how to draw a simple and cute octopus for your baby, it will help you have a beautiful picture