One Piece Drawing Tutorial - How to draw One Piece step by step

One Piece Drawing

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1. Luffy character drawing tutorial (Anime One Piece – Pirate Island)

How to draw Luffy character in One Piece anime – Pirate Island!

How to draw Luffy character

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you draw Luffy’s eyes.

Step 2:

You draw more details of the nose, mouth, eyebrows and scar.

Step 3:

You draw Luffy’s face.

Step 4:

You draw Luffy’s ears.

Step 5:

Draw Luffy’s straw hat according to the instructions

Step 6:

You draw Luffy’s hair.

Step 7:

You draw the neck.

Step 8:

You draw Luffy’s body and shirt.

Step 9:

You use eraser / eraser to erase the excess lines

Step 10:

Let’s color the character Luffy after you’re done.

You can also learn to draw Luffy through our video:

2. How to draw a cool Monkey D. Luffy easily step by step

Step 1: First, draw the head

Step 2: Draw 2 ears on 2 sides

Step 3: Next, draw Luffy’s hair

Step 4: Draw Luffy’s eyes and facial scars

Step 5: Draw more teeth

Step 6: Draw Luffy’s neck

Step 7: Don’t forget to draw Luffy’s outfit

Step 8: Draw more of luffy’s hands

Step 9: Draw luffy’s body and the scar in front of his chest

Step 10: Draw the straps wrapped around Luffy’s body

Step 11: Draw more shorts

Step 12: Draw Luffy 2 legs

Step 13: Draw the straw hat Luffy wears behind his back

Step 14: Color to complete the picture

In addition, we offer a video tutorial that can assist you in learning how to draw Luffy:

3. Simple Roronoa Zoro (One Piece character) drawing instructions for your kids

Step 1: First, draw his head

Step 2: Draw Zoro’s hair

Step 3: Draw Zoro a handsome face

Step 4: Draw Zoro’s muscular neck

Step 5: Draw the cloak

Step 6: Draw two more of his toned arms

Step 7: Take turns drawing Zoro’s swords

Step 8: Draw the rest of your arm

Step 9: Continue to draw the outfit he is wearing

Step 10: Draw the belt wrapped around Zoro’s torso

Step 11: Don’t forget to draw his earrings

Step 12: Color to complete the picture

4. Detailed instructions for drawing Roronoa Zoro (One Piece series)

Step 1: First, draw a head for Zoro

Step 2: Draw his hair and ears

Step 3: Draw strong arms

Step 4: Draw Zoro’s Body

Step 5: Draw Zoro his legs again

Step 6: Draw 3 legendary swords that Zoro has

Step 7: Draw His Cool Face

Step 8: Don’t forget to color the picture better

5. Simple and beautiful Nami One Piece drawing instructions for children will show you how to draw Nami characters in One Piece

Step 1 : First, draw Nami’s long neck.

Step 2: Next, draw her arms.

Step 3: Draw Nami’s hot body

Step 4: Draw the outfit she’s wearing

Step 5: Draw Nami’s long legs

Step 6 : Next, draw Nami’s hair

Step 7: Draw her face

Step 8: Draw more of the pirate hat she’s wearing on her head

Step 9: Draw a tattoo on her shoulder and her sword.

Step 10: Don’t forget to draw a beautiful face for Nami

Step 11: Color Nami to be more beautiful

6. Simple drawing guide to draw Sanji from One Piece

Step 1: Draw a head for Sanji

Step 2: Draw the ear

Step 3: Draw more of his long hair

Step 4 : Next, paint his handsome face

Step 5: Draw a long neck

Step 6: Draw the outfit he’s wearing

Step 7: Color it to make the picture more beautiful

Hopefully, the tutorial on how to draw some One Piece characters for your kids will help you have a beautiful picture!