Panda Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Panda step by step

Panda Drawing

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1. Simple panda drawing tutorial for kids


Today, will show you how to draw a simple panda

How to draw a panda

Let’s start!

Step 1:

You draw an oval.

Step 2:

Next, you draw a curved line that extends from the top of the oval, going outside the shape and through the bottom, and back to the top.

Step 3:

Enclose another circle below the first using a long curved line.

Step 4:

Draw the ears by enclosing a half circle on each side of the head. Use a curved line for each ear.

Step 5:

Draw a half circle in each ear, using a curved line.

Step 6:

Draw an oval overlapping the bottom circle.

Step 7:

Draw another oval on the other side, creating a mirror image.

Step 8:

Draw a large oval in the center of the shape.

Step 9:

Draw an oval in each foot by enclosing the shape with a curved line.

Step 10:

Draw one large oval and three smaller ovals in a foot print pattern in each foot.

Step 11:

Draw panda’s hands

Step 12:

Draw eyes, nose and mouth for pandas

Step 13:

Draw eyes for pandas

Step 14:

Draw a bamboo stick in the panda’s leg. Bamboo consists of a series of narrow, rectangular shapes with rounded corners.

Step 15:

Finally, don’t forget to color the picture


2. Tutorial on how to draw super cute and funny panda for kids

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you draw an oval

Step 2:

Next, you draw the body

Step 3:

Please draw your hands

Step 4:

Let’s draw the legs

Step 5:

Next, draw more ears

Step 6:

Don’t forget to draw the face

Step 7:

Draw a belly for a panda

Step 8:

Finally, color to make the picture look more vivid

3. Simple panda drawing guide

Step 1: draw panda’s eyes, nose, mouth

Step 2: followed by the head and ears

Step 3: draw two more hands for you which panda

Step 4: finally laf drawing legs and torso lag is finished.

4. Instruction on drawing panda with heart

Step 1: draw your eyes, nose and mouth first for you.

Step 2: draw more head and ears

Step 3: followed by drawing two hands panda holding the heart

Step 4: draw the body

Step 5: finally draw two legs and it’s done.

5. Instruction on drawing panda holding bamboo pipes

Step 1: draw the first part of the eyes, nose, and mouth

Step 2: followed by the tips of the ears

Step 3: continue to draw the arms, legs and body

Step 4: finally draw you a bamboo tube next to it and it’s already imperial.

Hopefully, through the article on how to draw a panda, it will help you get a beautiful picture of a panda!