Skeleton Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Skeleton step by step

Skeleton Drawing

You can choose your favorite images to see detail drawing instructions:

1. Instructions for drawing a skeleton made of paper


Today will show you how to draw a simple and beautiful skeleton!

Step 1: first, let’s draw a box

Step 2: Next, decorate the box with the eyes, nose and mouth of the skeleton.

Step 3: Draw 2 more hands

Step 4: Draw the body of the skeleton with a triangle

Step 5: draw 2 legs for the skeleton

Step 6: Decorate the skeleton by drawing more clothes for the skeleton

Step 7: Draw more bones to complete the picture

Step 8: Don’t forget to color this lovely skeleton

2. Instructions for drawing a mischievous skeleton

Step 1: Draw the head for the skeleton

Step 2: Next we draw more eyes and nose

Step 3: Don’t forget to draw your mouth

Step 4: Draw a shirt for the skeleton

Step 5: Add 1 more pair of shorts

Step 6: Draw your feet and sandals

Step 7: color to make the skeleton more beautiful

3. Instructions for drawing a skeleton of death

Step 1: Let’s first draw the head of the skeleton

Step 2: There must be a jaw for the skeleton, don’t forget

Step 3: Draw empty eye sockets for the skeleton

Step 4: Let’s draw the death costume that the skeleton is wearing

Step 5: Which color to fill together

4. Instructions for drawing a motorcycle skeleton

Step 1: First, let’s draw the motorcycle, we draw bib for motorcycle

-Next comes the wheel

-add front end

– 2 Handles for the car

-Draw the rear of the car and paint the decoration for the motorcycle bib

Step 2: Let’s draw the skeleton next

-drawing the head for the skeleton

– 2 Eye sockets and nose

-Draw the jaw for the skeleton

-Draw the hand that is driving the motorcycle

-indispensable that is the ribs and spine

Draw more legs on the left side of the car

Step 3: Color to complete the picture

5. Instructions for drawing a skeleton sitting on the moon

Step 1: First, draw the moon

Step 2: Next, draw the skeleton

-drawing the head for the skeleton

Next, draw the joints on the body.

-Draw the leg for the skeleton

-1 more legs

-Draw 2 hands for skeleton

Step 3: Draw more cups that the skeleton is holding

Step 4: Color the picture better