Skull Drawing Tutorial - How to draw a Skull step by step

Skull Drawing

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1. Instructions on how to draw a skull that looks scary on Halloween


Today, will teach you how to draw skulls very simply

How to draw a skull

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you draw an oval

Step 2:

Next, you draw 2 curved lines on both sides of the cheekbones

Step 3:

You use eraser to erase the excess lines

Step 4:

Next, you draw the chin

Step 5:

Draw your teeth according to the following steps

Step 6:

Draw 2 circles for the eye sockets

Step 7:

Next, you draw the nose

Step 8:

You draw two crossbones behind the skull

Step 9:

So the skull painting step has been completed

2. Instructions for drawing a pirate’s skull (Skull)

Step 1: First, let’s draw the frame for the skull and hat

Step 2: Draw the shadow of the hat

Step 3: Next, draw a head covering

Step 4: Indispensable is the blindfold

Step 5: Draw more foreheads for skulls

Step 6: Draw the remaining eye sockets

Step 7: Draw 1 more nasal cavity

Step 8: Draw the protruding cheekbones and upper jaw

Step 9: Draw more lower jaws

Step 10: Finally, draw teeth for this skull

Step 11: Don’t forget to color

3. Scary skull drawing tutorial

Step 1: Draw the top with half a circle

Step 2: Draw 2 cheekbones

Step 3: Draw eye sockets

Step 4: Add another nasal cavity

Step 5: Draw the jaw for the skull

Step 6: Draw the anchor behind the skull

Step 7: Draw 2 swords crossed over each other

Step 8: Finally, let’s color the limb of the picture better

4. Easy Drawing Guide: A Cool Skull

Step 1: Draw half a circle representing the head

Step 2: Draw the next part of the cheeks and jaw

Step 3: Draw the eye socket and nasal cavity

Step 4: Draw more jaws and lower chin

Step 5: Draw your teeth again

Step 6: Draw 2 swords on 2 sides

Step 7: Let’s color

5. Tutorial for drawing a pirate’s skull

Step 1: Draw a cloth wrap hat and tie a bow on the back

Step 2: Draw the forehead for the skull

Step 3: Draw 2 more cheekbones on 2 sides

Step 4: draw 2 eye sockets

Step 5: Continue drawing which nasal cavity

Step 6: Add a set of teeth to any skull

Step 7: Draw the lower jaw for the skull

Step 8: Let’s decorate the hat better

Step 9: Don’t forget to color the picture

6. Instructions for drawing an artistic skull

Step 1: Draw a circle representing the skull

Step 2: Draw the cheek socket

Step 3: Draw more jaws for this skull

Step 4: Indispensable are 2 eye sockets

Step 5: Draw another nasal cavity

Step 6: Add a set of teeth

Step 7: Draw more butterflies artistically

Step 8: Draw more inflorescences on 2 sides

Step 9: Let’s color the skull picture better

Hopefully, through the tutorial on how to draw a simple skull for kids, it will help you have a beautiful picture of the Halloween theme.