Snoopy Drawing

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Instructions on how to draw a simple Snoopy for kids


Today, will show you how to draw a simple Snoopy

How to draw Snoopy

Let’s start!

Step 1:

You draw a cube similar to a peanut to make its head

Step 2:

Next, draw a cross in the center of the head

Step 3:

You draw a triangle below the head to make the neck

Step 4:

You draw two more ovals; the small one for the nose and the big one for the ears.

Step 5:
You draw another long rectangle below the neck.

Step 6:

Draw a teardrop shape for the belly and a half circle for the butt.

Step 7:

Let’s continue with the arms. Draw a narrow rectangle across the body. Upward right hand side.

Step 8:

Please draw two more ovals for the hands, and a small triangle for the tail

Step 9:

You draw 2 overlapping ovals as feet.

Step 10:

You draw the hand by placing four small circles as the fingers for each hand.

Step 11:

Next, you draw two curved lines for the neck

Step 12:

You draw more eyes and mouth

Step 13:

Sketch the actual body shape with curves based on the shapes we drew earlier. When finished, erase the excess lead lines.

Step 14:

Finally, don’t forget to color your picture

Hopefully, through the article on how to draw a simple Snoopy, it will help you get a beautiful picture of a Snoopy