Snowflake Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Snowflake step by step

Snowflake Drawing

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1.Tutorial on how to draw beautiful snowflakes for kids


Today, will teach you how to draw snowflakes that look real and simple.

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how to draw snowflake

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, draw 2 vertical parallel lines

Step 2:

Next, please draw similar to step 1 according to the figure

Step 3:

Draw a circle in the middle

Step 4:

Use eraser to erase excess lines

Step 5:

On the top, draw small circles

Step 6:

Next, on the straight lines, draw arrows going inward

Step 7:

So finished the beautiful snowflake

2. How to draw a snowflake that looks glittery

Step 1: First, draw a hexagon

Step 2: Draw more small diamonds on the inside

Step 3: Draw more diamonds on the outside

Step 4: Draw 6 more vertices on those rhombuses

Step 5: Draw more lines around the diamonds you have already drawn

Step 6: Draw 6 more vertices overlapping the previously drawn vertex

Step 7: Let’s draw the spiny parts of the snowflake

Step 8: Draw more arrow shapes for each corner

Step 9: Go ahead, draw the remaining thorns

Step 10: Color to make snowflakes more beautiful

3. Detailed instructions on how to draw snowflake for babies

Step 1: First, draw a geometric bead with 6 petals

Step 2: Next, draw the thorns and spikes

Step 3: On those thorns, continue to draw more thorns

Step 4: Next, draw more diamonds at the top of the 6 spines

Step 5: Draw more details on the side of the geometry with 6 petals

Step 6: Draw more details in geometry with those 6 petals

Step 7: Color to make the picture more beautiful

Hopefully, through the tutorial on how to draw simple and beautiful snowflakes for kids, it will help you complete the snowflakes