Snowflake Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Snowflake step by step

Snowflake Drawing

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Tutorial on how to draw beautiful snowflakes and look beautiful for kids


Today, will teach you how to draw snowflakes that look real and simple

how to draw snowflake

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, draw 2 vertical parallel lines

Step 2:

Next, please draw similar to step 1 according to the figure

Step 3:

Draw a circle in the middle

Step 4:

Use eraser (eraser) to erase excess lines

Step 5:

On the top, draw small circles

Step 6:

Next, on the straight lines, draw arrows going inward

Step 7:

So finished the beautiful snowflake

Hopefully, through the tutorial on how to draw simple and beautiful snowflakes for kids, it will help you complete the snowflakes