Soldier Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Soldier step by step

Soldier Drawing

You can choose your favorite images to see detail drawing instructions:

1. Instructions for drawing brave soldier for children


Today will show you how to draw Soldiers!

Step 1: First, draw the hat he’s wearing.

Step 2: Draw a soldier’s head

Step 3: Draw costumes for soldiers

Step 4: Draw the shoes he’s wearing

Step 5: Draw the hand holding the soldier’s gun

Step 6: Draw one more rifle

Step 7: Draw the handsome faces of soldiers

Step 8: Color the picture better

2. Instructions on how to draw a happy soldier for kids


Today, will show you how to draw a happy soldier!

How to draw army uncle

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, draw the soldier uncle face.

Step 2:

Next, draw your eyes, nose and mouth on your face

Step 3:

Then you draw the soldier hair.

Step 4:

You draw the soldier wearing a mortar hat.

Step 5:

You draw the collar.

Step 6:

You draw the arm for the soldier.

Step 7:

Draw a gun for the army.

Step 8:

You draw the other arm for soldier

Step 9:

You draw the body of the shirt.

Step 10:

You draw details on the soldier shirt.

Step 11:

You draw the belt.

Step 12:

You draw the pants below the waist.

Step 13:

You draw shoes for the soldier.

Step 14:

Don’t forget to color the soldier after you’re done.

Hopefully, this tutorial on how to draw a soldier, it will help you get a beautiful picture!