Son Goku Drawing

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Instructions on how to draw simple and cute Son Goku characters for kids (Characters in the movie Dragon Ball 7)


Today, will teach you how to draw characters simple Son Goku (Character from the movie Dragon Ball 7)

How to draw Son Goku

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you draw a circle

Step 2:

Next, you draw a curved line under that circle

Step 3:

You draw the ears

Step 4:

Next, you draw the shirt

Step 5:

You draw the pants

Step 6:

You draw your hands

Step 7:

You draw more details on the waist and collar

Step 8:

Don’t forget to draw Son Goku’s hair

Step 9:

Next, you draw a tail

Step 10:

You draw the shoes

Step 11:

On the shirt you draw more details like the picture

Step 12:

You draw eyes, nose and mouth

Step 13:

Finally, color to complete the picture

Hopefully, through a simple tutorial on Son Goku (Characters in the movie Dragon Ball 7), will help you have a beautiful picture!