Sonic the Hedgehog Drawing

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Instructions to draw Sonic the hedgehog character is very simple and beautiful for kids

How to draw sonic hedgehog

Hello little friends! Surely you are no stranger to Sonic the hedgehog anymore, right? A lovely and extremely brave character often found in games, cartoons, comics… Then today will guide the kids to draw Sonic the hedgehog character very simply and beautifully! Let’s go!!!

Step 1

First, you draw a circle to create the head, then draw two more intersecting curves to easily shape the details of the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 2

Next, you draw simple curves in the order of pictures 1, 2, 3 to create the eyes for Sonic. You should do it in order to make it easier to draw.

Step 3

Done with the eyes and then the nose, you just need to draw an oval to form Sonic’s nose.

Step 4

Similar to the eyes, the part around the mouth you also draw in the order of pictures 1 and 2.

Step 5

Next to Sonic’s ears, you just need to draw two simple triangles.

Step 6

To the spikes on Sonic’s head, draw three spikes, it will help you draw Sonic’s spikes better later.

Step 7

With Sonic’s smiling mouth, in the part around the mouth of step 4 you draw a small curve above and draw a half circle below.

Step 8

Then you draw a few more lines in the eyes and draw more irises with small ovals to make Sonic look more lively.

Step 9 

Draw curved lines following the spike drawn in step 6 to create a more beautiful hedgehog.

Step 10

Don’t forget to draw extra parts like ears and teeth for Sonic too.

Step 11

Finally, you use eraser / eraser to erase the excess lines to form a complete Sonic image.

Hopefully, through the article on how to draw a very simple but beautiful Sonic hedgehog character for kids, it will help the little ones get a beautiful picture of Sonic hedgehog!