Tank Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Tank step by step

Tank Drawing

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1. Instructions on how to draw a simple tank for kids


Today, drawing123.com will show you how to draw a simple tank

How to draw tanks

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you draw the upper part of the tank body

Step 2:

Next, you draw the bottom of the tank body

Step 3:

Next, you draw the part that connects the two parts earlier together

Step 4:

Draw the chain and the tank wheel

Step 5:

Draw the barrel of the cannon

Step 6:

Draw joints

Step 7:

Draw straight lines as shown

Step 8:

Finally, don’t forget to color the tank

2. Simple instruction for drawing tank

Step 1: First, we draw the armor outside the tank body.

Step 2: We draw more gun pedestals

Step 3: Indispensable is the barrel of the gun

Step 4: Draw more wheels and chains for the tank to move

Step 5: Draw the soldier standing on the gun platform to observe

Step 6: Decorate the tank with textures

Step 7: Let’s color which tank

Hopefully, through this simple tutorial on how to draw a tank, it will help you have a beautiful picture!