Traffic Light Drawing Tutorial - How to draw a Traffic Light step by step

Traffic Light Drawing

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1. Simple instructions for drawing a traffic light for your baby


Today, will show you how to draw traffic lights beautifully and simply

Step 1 : First, draw 3 lights

Step 2: Draw one more rectangle at the back

Step 3: Draw one more column

Step 4: Draw more bases for the pillar

Step 5: Let’s color the picture

2. Instructions for drawing traffic lights

Step 1 : First, draw a column

Step 2: Draw the box

Step 3: Draw the signal lights

Step 4: Color the traffic light

3. How to draw a funny traffic light

Step 1 : First, draw the hat

Step 2: Next, draw the body of the traffic light

Step 3: Take turns drawing the lights

Step 4: Draw one more pillar

Step 5: Draw an additional lamp rack

Step 6: Don’t forget to draw faces for traffic lights

Step 7: Draw more hands

Step 8: Color the picture

4. A simple guide to draw a traffic light pole

Step 1: First, draw a rectangle

Step 2: Draw 3 more circles

Step 3: Draw more borders on either side

Step 4: Draw one more pillar

Step 5: Color the picture

5. How to draw a traffic light easily step by step

Step 1: Draw the lights

Step 2: Draw a traffic light box

Step 3: Draw 2 half-circles at the top of the lower corner of the traffic light box

Step 4: Draw the lamppost

Step 5: Draw the stand of the traffic light

Step 6: Let’s color to complete the picture

6. Simple Drawing Guide: A Traffic Light

Step 1 : First, draw the traffic light box

Step 2: Let’s draw three circles

Step 3: Draw the pillar

Step 4: Let’s color the picture

Hopefully, through the tutorial on how to draw a simple traffic light for your child, it will help you complete a meaningful picture.