UFO Drawing Tutorial - How to draw UFO step by step

UFO Drawing

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1. Instructions on how to draw a flying saucer of aliens (UFO) super simple and beautiful for kids


Today, drawing123.com will show you how to draw alien flying saucers (UFO) simply and beautifully.

How to draw flying saucer

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, draw an oval

Step 2:

Next, you draw a curved line under the oval

Step 3:

Draw a smaller oval inside the large oval

Step 4:

Similar to step 2, please draw above

Step 5:

You use eraser (eraser) to erase excess lines

Step 6:

Please draw more details on the UFO

Step 7:

Draw rays of light

Step 8:

So we have completed the UFO picture

2. Instructions for drawing a UFO symbol

Step 1: Draw a circle like a drawing

Step 2: Draw an extra circle

Step 3: Draw the beam of light that the UFO emits

Step 4: Draw a picture of a human floating in the air

Step 5: Color the blank part of the brushstrokes

3. A simple guide to drawing a flying saucer

Step 1 : First, draw a glass cage

Step 2: Next, draw a disk at the bottom

Step 3: Draw an extra circle around the disk

Step 4: Draw a sphere below the flying saucer

Step 5: Draw the transmitter under the flying saucer

Step 6: Don’t forget to draw circular windows on the body of flying saucers

Step 7: Let’s color the flying saucer

4. A simple guide to drawing flying saucers

Step 1: Draw the ellipses following the steps below

Step 2: Draw more small details on the flying saucer

Step 3: Draw this as the result

5. Guide to drawing flying saucers from everyday items

Step 1: Draw a curved line

Step 2: Draw more plates on either side

Step 3: Draw two more pots on top of two plates

Step 4: Don’t forget to draw small details for UFOs

Draw this is the flying saucer we’ve just finished painting.

6. Instructions for drawing aliens controlling flying saucers

Step 1: First, draw another circle that represents the glass

Step 2: Next, draw the disc

Step 3: Draw a pyramid on the underside of the flying saucer

Step 4: Draw a signal transmitter for flying saucers

Step 5: Draw small details on a flying saucer

Step 6: Draw the cockpit of the flying saucer

Step 7: Don’t forget there’s an alien boy sitting in a flying saucer

Step 8: Let’s color the picture

Hopefully, through this simple tutorial on how to draw a flying alien saucer (UFO) for kids, it will help you have a beautiful and meaningful picture.