Uncle Ho Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Uncle Ho step by step

Uncle Ho Drawing

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1. How to draw beloved and great Uncle Ho for kids


Today drawing123.com will show you how to draw the great and beloved Uncle Ho!

How to draw Uncle Ho

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, draw the face.

Step 2:

Next, draw the eyes, nose, and mouth on the face.

Step 3:

Then you draw the hair.

Step 4:

You draw the beard.

Step 5:

Use eraser / eraser to erase the excess lines on your face.

Step 6:

You draw the collar.

Step 7:

You draw an arm waving hello.

Step 8:

You draw the other arm.

Step 9:

You draw the body of the shirt

Step 10:

You draw the pockets.

Step 11:

You draw the trousers.

Step 12:

you draw shoes.

Step 13:

Finally, please color the picture more vividly.

Hopefully, through the article on how to draw the beloved and great Uncle Ho for children, it will help the little ones to have a beautiful drawing of Uncle Ho!