Unicorn Drawing Tutorial - How to draw an Unicorn step by step

Unicorn Drawing

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1. Instructions on how to draw a beautiful and funny Unicorn (One-horned horse) for children


Today, drawing123.com will show you how to draw a unicorn (one-horned horse) simply and beautifully

how to draw Unicorn

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you draw a circle

Step 2:

Next, you draw the mouth part

Step 3:

Use an eraser to erase the excess lines

Step 4:

Next, you draw the ears and neck

Step 5:

You draw a horse pump

Step 6:

Don’t forget to draw a horn for the unicorn

Step 7:

Next, you draw your feet in steps

Step 8:

Draw a tail for a unicorn

Step 9:

Draw big round eyes

Step 10:

Finally, color the unicorn more vivid and beautiful

2. How to draw an unicorn with wings for kids

how to draw Unicorn

Let’s start!

Step 1:

First, you draw a circle

Step 2:

Next, you draw the mouth

Step 3:

Please draw an oval

Step 4:

You draw the curve say the head and the oval

Step 5:

Next, draw your ears

Step 6:

Draw the unicorn’s feet

Step 7:

Use eraser to erase excess lines

Step 8:

Draw your mane

Step 9:

Please draw horns

Step 10:

Next, you draw the wings

Step 11:

Don’t forget to draw the tail

Step 12:

Draw eyes and nose for the unicorn

Step 13:

Finally, color to make the picture more beautiful

3. Unicorn drawing guide

Step 1: draw the eyes

Step 2: draw the unicorn’s head and ears

Step 3: followed by the mane and horns  

Step 4: then draw the body and 4 legs

Step 5: finally the tail. So a unicorn is done

4. A simple unicorn drawing tutorial

Step 1: draw the U-shaped face first

Step 2: draw two ears for unicorns

Step 3: followed by drawing eyes, nose and mouth

Step 4: then draw the mane, like the tutorial photo

Step 5: then draw two curves on both sides to make the body

Step 6: you connect the lines to form the legs

Step 7: finally draw the tail and add small details to the animation.

5. How to draw a lovely unicorn easily step by step

Step 1: First, let’s draw a face for the unicorn

Step 2: Next comes the nose

Step 3: Draw more eyes for the unicorn

Step 4: Draw big ears like the picture below

Step 5: Indispensable is the unicorn’s horn

Step 6: Draw the unicorn’s hair

Step 7: Draw the body of the unicorn

Step 8: Draw 4 more legs

Step 9: Draw a beautiful tail

Step 10: Draw the magic ball

Step 11: Let’s color the unicorn

6. How to draw a mischievous unicorn

Step 1: First let’s draw the eyes

Step 2: Next is the nose and mouth

Step 3: Let’s draw a bow on the unicorn’s head

Step 4: Draw more ears

Step 5: draw a neck for the unicorn

Step 6: Draw a scarf like the picture below

Step 7: Let’s draw the unicorn’s body

Step 8: Add 4 legs to the unicorn

Step 9: Decorate for unicorn shoes

Step 10: Draw more outfits

Step 11: It is indispensable to draw the beautiful hair of the unicorn

Step 12: Draw more tails

Step 13: Don’t forget to color the unicorn

Hopefully, through a simple and beautiful tutorial on how to draw an unicorn (one-horned horse), it will help you have a beautiful picture.