Rose Drawing Tutorial - How to draw Rose step by step

Rose Drawing

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Instructions for drawing simple and beautiful Rose for kids


Today, will show you how to draw a simple Rose

How to draw Rose

Let’s start!

Step 1:

To start, you draw a big U

Step 2:

You draw a line from the bottom center of the U and down for the trunk.

Step 3:

You draw a small leaf shape from the stem up towards the bottom of the U.

Step 4:

You draw another small leaf next to the one you drew, bending its point down a bit.

Step 5:

You draw another small leaf next to the first one you drew and the left side of it curves its point down a bit.

Step 6:

You draw the body of the rose

Step 7:

You draw two leaves for the rose

Step 8:

On each two leaves, draw a line from the stem down the center of the leaf to the point of the leaf.

Step 9:

Next, you draw veins for the leaf

Step 10:

Next, you draw the ways of the rose according to the following patterns

Step 11:

Next, you draw a small circle in the center of the top of the flower stem (center). Add two curved lines behind the flower.

Step 12:

Finally don’t forget to color your flower

Instructions for drawing beautiful and brilliant roses for babies

How to draw roses

Step 1

First, draw the petals in steps as instructed.

Step 2

Next, draw the leaves.

Step 3

Then, draw the flower branch.

Step 4

You draw 1 more leaf and small thorns on the flower branch.

Step 5

Please use gum/eraser to remove redundant features.

Step 6

Color the rose more brightly.

Instructions for drawing a simple rose for a baby

Please draw the rose according to the steps below.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Please color the rose after you are done.

How to draw a beautiful rose

Step 1: Let’s first draw a flower branch

Step2: Next, let’s draw the petals for the softest

Step 3: Draw a few more small branches

Step 4: Add some serrated leaves

Step5:Indispensable leaf veins

Step 6: Color the flower better

How to draw a simple rose

Step 1: Let’s first draw the flower branch

Step 2: Draw more flower stalks

Step 3: We take turns painting the petal wall so that it is softest

Step 4: Draw more leaves for flowers

Step 5: Decorate with thorns

Step 6: Finally, we color the rose as finished

How to Draw a Cute Flower

Step 1: Draw petals

Step 2: Draw a few leaves

Step 3: Draw flower stalks

Step 4: Color the cute flower

How to draw a rose

Step 1: First, let’s draw 2 branches

Step 2: Next we draw 2 stubs

Step 3: Draw the petals

Step 4: Draw 2 more leaves

Step 5:Add a few thorns around the trunk

Step 6: Coloring the two flowers is done

Hopefully, through the article on how to draw a beautiful and cute rose for kids, it will help the little ones get a beautiful rose drawing!